Behind Blue Eyes

In a ball of yarn is the potential to make a dream that you have come true. ~ Melanie Falick

I love knitting blankets and afghans and cozy lap coverings. I also love it when there are fun blanket KALs where we all knit the same pattern and cheer each other on. I also know I’m notorious for joining more fun KALs than I actually have time to finish. That’s why I have two afghan’s going from a 2019 blanket club. The club pattern was lovely, but I’m not one for sewing together a bunch of squares after a year of knitting. I went another route and that’s why I have Purple Rain and now Behind Blue Eyes. Apparently, I have a penchant for naming my blankets after great music. On a more serious note, I’m now wondering if all my knitting wips should have their own theme song?

Block one is complete! Considering I only work on this when I run out of yarn for Purple Rain, it could be some time before I accomplish block two. You can just make out the start below.

I’m relatively certain this one will be gifted. I already have a few recipients in mind. Now the question becomes to they have to be fans of The Who?

I leave you with this slightly blurry close-up of Ernie. Look at how snuggly he is.

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