Celebrating Life: The Premier League Returns

When I die, don’t bring me to the hospital. Bring me to Anfield. I was born there and I will die there. ~ Steven Gerrard

This past week we saw the return of UK footy with the start of the Premier League. LFC are the reigning champions! It’s only natural everyone will want to beat us. The first match was against Leeds, a team that surprisingly hasn’t been part of the Premier League for some time. The bottom three teams are relegated every year.

Check out my game day meal! I found chocolate protein waffles. Not strictly keto friendly, but better than full carb waffles.

What an exciting game it was. Many teams coming into Anfield sit in and play defense without much or any attacking plan. The fans at Anfield make this stadium rather ominous for away teams, but for now fans won’t factor into matches. I think that makes it easier for players to switch off a bit during matches. The fans aren’t present to inspire them on. Leeds did not take this approach. They attacked Liverpool head on. It felt a bit like watching LFC a few years ago when we were competitive, but made too many silly mistakes that prevented us from winning. Slowly but surely those loses became ties and the ties became wins.

Ernie says, “Go Reds!”

To the Leeds fans, hang in there. This could be a rocky season, but I think you’re going to cause some upsets if injuries don’t become an issue. Right now, LFC is sitting sixth in the Premier League table after just one match. It’s based off of goal difference. I’m not going to say that doesn’t matter, but there’s still an awful lot of footy to play yet.

I leave you with a sunflower. Try spreading some kindness.

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