Working from Home: Week 45

When you act with compassion you will never be wrong.

Wow. I had a very different working from home post mostly prepared for this week. After the events in this country on January, 6, I completely changed course. What the British Hubby and I have been up to over the past seven days somehow seems unimportant and irrelevant. Watching Americans violently attack other Americans at this nation’s capital were not headlines I ever expected to see in my life time. I’ve said this before, and I will continue to say as long as humanity needs to hear it, “Violence is never the solution.”It saddens and sickens me that there are Americans who feel the only way their voices will be heard is through violence. I completely support peaceful protests, freedom of speech, and I even enjoy a good conspiracy theory. Hate, violence and disinformation tactics are not acceptable.

Try smiling at strangers or waving a friendly hello. Even wearing a mask, you can see kindness in a person’s eyes. Try being grateful for your mistakes and failures. Failure provides the opportunity to look for new solutions.

How will you spread love and peace?

2 thoughts on “Working from Home: Week 45

  1. As you might imagine, it stirred up a lot of memories from the protests near our home in May 2020. It hurts my heart to think that so many people aren’t willing to try to find peace.

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