Slight Detour

Several of my coworkers knit. We decided to get together for a little Friday night knitting and unwinding. One of my coworkers commutes via public transportation. A few years ago, she was given several garbage bags full of yarn from another knitter on the bus. The previous yarn hoarder planned to become an avid knitter when they retired, but it turned out they hated knitting and enjoyed working more. I don’t think I’ll ever have that problem. I’m currently contemplating ways I can work less and knit more.


Rather than donate the yarn to charity, we decide to make items for charity with it. This prompted me to look through my stash for yarn that would make good charity items. I found three balls of hot pink Plymouth Encore to make a Malt by Tin Can Knits. I have almost all of Tin Can Knits patterns and books. Their Simple Collection is great for beginners and advanced knitters alike. The patterns are perfect for a good conversation and an adult beverage.


This week, I managed to get four out of seven repeats done on my Oceans of Malabrigo. One of my skeins of Mares was slightly lighter than the other. I started alternating skeins to avoid having that dreaded row that doesn’t match the previous ones (I know from past experience). This is creating an interesting rippling affect like throwing a pebble in calm water. You can just make it out in the photo.


Other Wip Updates:

  • The last purl row of my Citron Grande is done! Just 1020 stitches to knit and the bind off. Will this be my first Orphan liberated in May?
  • Holiday Hitchhiker has 39 teeth. Next week, it should also be ready for binding off.


Burt discovered a new spot this week.


I’m the King of the bookcase! Creatures on the ground beware.

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