May Day

How do you celebrate May Day? In many cultures, May Day is a celebration of Spring. We celebrate by officially turning off the heat and airing out our home. The kitties love all the outside smells. Hubby also thought we should freshen up the workout room with new to us speakers. Below is our new pair of JBL L5 speakers. They sound fantastic for being almost 20 years old.


I also celebrated by having one of my Malabrigo Junkie chums over for knitting and some British telly. She was just finishing a cowl out of Malabrigo Twist in Plena. It’s so squishy and reversible. We each had Twist in Plena in our stash. In honor of Multi-Colored May in the Malabrigo Junkie group, we challenged each other to a knit off. I haven’t even decided what mine wants to become yet. I’m taking suggestions if any one has ideas for two skeins of Twist.


I started binding off my first Orphan! I’m about one third of the way finished binding off 1020 stitches. This is a marathon bind off for a massive shawl.


Today, I also completed the 40th tooth on my Holiday Hitchhiker. I need about 6 grams of yarn to finish. Right now there are just over 20 grams remaining. Let’s see what’s left after 41 teeth.


Burt celebrated May Day by helping me wind yarn. He luuuvvvvvsss the winder.


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