Lazy Saturday

Saturday morning, we all made a trip to the vet for the kitties annual check-up. They weren’t too excited for the car journey and then being poked and prodded. I can’t say I blame them. Who likes getting shots and having blood drawn? We decided to spend the rest of today knitting and snuggling.


This gave me a chance to finish binding off Citron Grande. I have been known to wear items without weaving in ends and blocking. This may drive my British Hubby nuts. I do it any way. Since it’s early in the month, my citron grande has time for a soak. Right now it’s just a big heap of lace.


More snuggle time also meant time to finish tooth number 42 on the Holiday Hitchhiker. Last time I knit this, I won yarn chicken by about two inches. It was pretty intense at the end. I probably have enough to knit tooth 43 and then the bind off section, but I’m not going to risk it. Last section and a bind off, here I come!


I’m making wave with my Oceans of Malabrigo. You can see the lace coming to life on color band number four. Just 10 more rows until the border!


I also unpacked the closeout sale box of yarn. Some of them are destined to become garments and some of them are waiting for inspiration to strike.

Now back snuggle time.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. Oh but how perfect would it be to have 42 teeth on the Hitchhiker?? 😀
    Everything looks wonderful, and I’m sure the kitties will have forgotten the pokes and prods in no time!

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