Closeout Sales

Friday afternoon, I came home to this waiting for me at my door.


It’s a big box of yarn. One of my favorite online retailers is taking a new path in life and closing it’s store. I’m very happy for them, but a little sad for my future yarn purchases. To help ease my pain, I tried to help deplete their supply of Malabrigo.

I’m supposed to be using my Malabrigo Twist for the Multi-Colored Malabrigo May Challenge, but the new yarn is just too fab. Ernie says, “Hurry up and empty the box, Mom. I need a new home.”


I did manage to knit another tooth on the Holiday Hitchhiker. Alas, still 17.10 grams left in the skein. On to tooth number 42!


Maybe this weekend I’ll finish my first wip or maybe I’ll cast on a new project.

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