Road Trip to Portland

This past weekend, the British Hubby and I took a road trip to Portland, Oregon. I forgot to pack my camera or I would be sharing the stunning views from our Rustic bungalow. The Pacific Northwest never fails to amaze me with its beauty. While I did forget my camera, I didn’t forget to check out a yarn store. There are 15 yarn stores in the greater Portland area! I spent one morning in Knit Purl. Traditionally, I like to buy a local skein of sock or fingering weight yarn when I travel. Shawls and socks comprise a good portion of my Orphans so I know this weight will get used. Whenever I shop with the British Hubby, I end up with at least one item out of my normal comfort zone. This time was no exception.


The bowling ball sized skein is Tough Love Felt Yarn in Graphite Gray by Love Fest Fibers. Love Fest Fibers is providing job opportunities for women in Nepal to help rebuild their lives from the 1015 earthquake. They also carry several bases that combine natural fiber with recycled plastic fiber to help keep plastic bottles out of landfills.


The bag is a special anniversary kit exclusively for Knit Purl. Who doesn’t love special anniversary project bags, yarn and patterns?  I believe I have enough yarn to make a Rainchaser hat and cowl. I promised myself I could cast on for this if I finish eight Orphans this month. The pink was my local find. It’s Bumblebirch in Wellspring color Cranberry (the traditional fingering weight acquisition). I couldn’t resist casting on one project immediately (I warned you casting on is my favorite)! I have the start of a Risoni Bias Scarf in Thai Silk color cream.


With all this talk about new yarns and new projects you probably thought I didn’t have time to finish any Orphans. Guess again. Here is liberated Orphan number three of June. One aviatrix hat by Justine Turner in Malabrigo Arroyo color English Rose. This is my favorite hat to give as a gift for expecting parents. Look for more of these in the future.


I’ve been working on several hats this month. This is a group photo of three more hats I have in the works. On the left is the Giant Red Spot. It’s a Dear Hubbie hat in Malabrigo Arroyo in Jupiter. Next is the start of my next aviatrix hat in English Rose. On the right is my Foxy Malabrigo. It’s a Foxy & Wolfie by Ekaterina Blanchard. This hat is so stinking cute. I squeal while I’m knitting.


My Tour de Socks have stalled out for the moment. Stage three starts in about nine hours. Stage two has almost 300 finished pairs. Stage one is up to 447 finished pairs. I have a pair of cuffs.


Update on other wips:

  • Earth & Sky: Skein one is completed!  Skein two has 16.36 grams left, and skein three has been added into the mix. It has 97.38 grams remaining. Fingers crossed it’s long enough once skein two is finished.
  • Chairty Malt: 53 of 80 rows done in the square section.
  • Washington Mist: I’m ready to start the lace short row sections in part four. Soon I’ll be on the border and bind off.

You’re not leaving without me ever again!

June is winding down. Will I get five more Orphans liberated before July? It’s going to be a close finish.

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