Stage Three Begins

Stage three of Tour de Sock began Tuesday morning. I told myself I wouldn’t cast on six new pairs of socks when I’m trying to liberate my Orphans, but you know I can’t resist casting on another pair of socks. The pattern is so neat! I also love the idea of expanding my sock knitting skills. The pattern is Diamondback Socks by Kristen Hall. Of course, I’m still working away on the cuff, and there are already 16 pairs of finished socks.


Soon I’ll be travelling to the Midwest to visit my family. Deciding which projects to take is always the hardest part. I always think I’m going to have more knitting time than I actually do. With that in mind, I still pulled out a few Orphans from the bin. What if there is a freak storm, and I’m stuck travelling for an extra week?

My Tree Branch Cowl from last Malabrigo March was going to make the journey. This was a complete impulse cast on right at the end of the month (shocking I know). The pattern is Carnimirie by  Sara Huntington Burch. I’m using Malabrigo Rastita in Piedras. I love the pattern. I love the yarn. Yet they aren’t playing nicely with each other. Most likely it’s just knitter error. I did mess up three times on the same row and eventually dropped a stitch while cabling. This is now liberated Orphan number four. I’ve reclaimed the yarn and needle. I will revisit this pattern again with a different yarn. I sort of feel like this should be green.

Not much progress to report on the other wips. I’m thinking about frogging the Stage one sock from Tour de Sock. I’m not sure I like the brown stripes. Maybe I’m just not into brown today?

I did manage to catch Gracie sunbathing today. She shamelessly showed me her belly fluff.


Four Orphans liberated and four more to go!

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