Kick up Your Heels

“The truth about socks is that they’re humble and beautiful and noble, and in their lowness they’re the highest form of art.” ~ Stephanie Pearl-McPhee from Knitting Rules! 

I love the idea of wearing art on my feet. Each sock is a little master piece. I prefer to knit my master pieces cuff down which means that for several thousand stitches one is just knitting a tube. Until, that magical moment when you get to the heel. Now you have some action. This tube has become a sock! I always feel so smart when I turn a heel. It’s never lost it’s magic. Eye of partridge is one of my favorite heels. My Stage four Tour de Sock uses this heel. I especially love how tonal or kettle dyed sock yarns look with this type of heel. This look is achieved with slip stitches. Here’s a close up.


Shark Bait has a gusset and short rows. The charted leg was knit flat. Once done, I joined in the round and started increasing every other round on the sole. This is my first time making a heel this way. Normally, I feel plain stockinette heels are not hard wearing, but these socks aren’t going to be in my normal sock rotation. These are my July 4th Jaws viewing socks. I think they’ll be okay.

Update on other wips:

I don’t really have much to update since last time. The day job is really starting to interfere with my crafting time.


Gracie is just a big cute fluff ball when she sleeps. Here’s a good shot of her toe fluff. I think you can just make it out on each paw.



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