The Jogless Join

You can’t have two faces under one hat. ~ Jamaican Proverb

It’s Tuesday again. That means hats. Today, I’m going to chat a bit about making hats with stripes. When knitting stripes in the round, you may notice your stripes don’t line up when changing colors. How frustrating! Knitting a jogless stripe in the round, is one technique to avoid this. It’s a simple solution that can make a big impact on your striped hats. Knitty has a fantastic tutorial found here. I also found a YouTube video that uses a slightly different approach. I’m using the Knitty version on my 2016 Christmas Hat the I. You can see the elongated stitch and how nice the stripes line up.


Below is a group photo of the hats currently in progress. The Malabrigo Wolfie and 2016 Christmas Hat the I are progressing nicely. Portland Rainchaser and the newest Aviatrix Hat are in a holding pattern. I had enough yarn to finish the newest Aviatrix hat. Now, I don’t like any buttons I have on hand. Okay, I did have one nice button that was too big for the button hole (always the way).


Update on other wips:

  • Earth & Sky: Two inches completed from the fourth skein join.
  • Portland Bias Scarf: Skein two has 16.98  grams left.
  • Frank in Pairs: Nothing new on this one.
  • Dewberry Dancer:Sadly, I’m still on row 24 of 36 in section one.

Occasionally, the pet food store will give out sample treats. This week it was freeze dried minnows. These were so interesting, I had to take a quick photo before being devoured.


Gracie loved it. Burt just licked his. Ernie only sniffed it (the eyeballs probably got to Ernie). Much to Gracie’s delight, she ate all three.


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