Archaeological Find

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ~ George Santayana

It’s the first weekend in September. In the States, it’s a three day weekend. This provided me with some extra time in my craft room to reorganize a few items. I unearthed a nearly finished blanket. It was like stumbling upon an unopened time capsule from 10 or 15 years ago. This blanket is my oldest wip. The yarn is from the very first non big box yarn store I ever stepped foot inside. I started this blanket when I was only knitting geometric shapes like dish cloths, scarves (fun fur mostly) and blankets. I never imagined I would knit hats or socks or garments. Of course, at the time we were residing in Southern California. This project taught me several things. Always buy an extra skein of yarn and take a ball band or your project back to said yarn store when you try to buy more. Ernie doesn’t seem to mind there’s a band that doesn’t quite match the rest of the blanket. He promptly claimed it for himself.


I also excavated my Halloween fabric. Soon I’ll have themed kitchen towels and a few other ghostly accessories. Look for some spooky finished items soon.


I seem to be gravitating towards orange lately. Last week, I made a mango habanero sauce. The British Hubby used it for our grilled tofu. Yum! I still have two big containers left so we tried using it on some chicken thighs. Another culinary success, however, I still have six to eight cups of this sauce left.

The British Hubby made an interesting discovery at the grocery this week, moon drops. They look like purple slivers of the moon and sort taste like grapes.


I’m off to use my extra crafting time on my wips. My goal this month is nine liberated orphans.



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