Slight Detour

A small detour doesn’t mean you have to stop! It just means it may take a little longer to get there. ~ Unknown

September is my birthday month. I thought I would go wild and cast on a new project or two (okay, I may have a possible third). The British Hubby surprised me with an early gift, Curls 2: Versatile, Wearable Wraps to Knit at Any Gauge by Hunter Hammersen. Over come with excitement, I wound yarn immediately. Cozenage will be the first shawl I make with Tosh Merino Light in Coquette. The yarn is just waiting for me to look for the right needles.


My other cast on is a free pattern, Rose City Rollers, by Mara Catherine Bryner. I’m using Malabrigo Sock in Lotus. Surprisingly, this is my first pair of ankle socks. This pattern is great for those wild variegated yarns we all have in our stash. The one that looked so pretty in the store. Then you realized all the patterns in your favorites really need a more solid or tonal yarn.


Update on other wips:

  • Earth & Sky: 14 inches completed from the fourth skein join.
  • Portland Bias Scarf: Skein two has 7.79  grams left.
  • Frank in Pairs & Dewberry Dancer: These projects might be getting worried they’re going to end up back in the bins at this rate.

Burt is supervising our new domestic helper or maybe he’s trying to be the Supreme Overlord.


I know you’re thinking this crazy lady is supposed to be finishing projects, and she’s just casting on with abandon. Soon there will be finished projects.

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