Shadows, Spies & Hats

Deceit: the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.

So many interesting things can be concealed in the shadows. The element of darkness makes everything mysterious. You never know what’s lurking around the next corner. The Imperial War Museum of London has a display of gadgets used by World War II spies. Check out this article. I think the rodent bombs and pipe pistol are my favorite. Even knitting can conceal. Fortunately, mine doesn’t contain any bombs or pistols. Shadow wraps conceal a short row that’s used for shaping. Here’s my favorite tutorial. Malabrigo Wolfie uses shadow wraps to make the ears. They really are almost undetectable. See if you can find them.

The first liberated Orphan Wip of September is sort of concealed in a shadow of secrets. Okay, perhaps I just no longer remember some of the information. I would share it if I knew. Presenting My Longest Work in Progress! I have no idea what the pattern is. I used an unknown amount of Plymouth Encore in worsted weight with a US 8 needle. It’s about 65 x 55 inches. All the kitties luuuuvvvvv it. It washes nicely and is extremely soft for a wool acrylic blend. I would never guess it had such a high acrylic content. Neither would Ernie (he goes straight for it). Hubby even requested more blankets using this.


Update on other wips:

  • Earth & Sky: It’s official. I’ve started on the border. This scarf might just be a contender for a liberated Orphan in September. (I know you’re thinking about time, right?)
  • Portland Bias Scarf: Skein two has 5.59 grams left.
  • Frank in Pairs & Dewberry Dancer: This morning, I heard grumblings about how winter is coming, and I’m going to need more scarves and shawls. Perhaps, I should start working on these again.

Here’s Gracie sunbathing on the deck. I think she caught me snapping photos.

One project down and eight more to go. I think maybe there could be some almost finished wips lurking in the shadows.

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