The sun sets on September

The hours are counting down. It’s the final moments of September. I was chasing the sun to get decent group photos of September’s Liberated Orphan Wips. You’re probably wondering if I managed to get those last two projects done. Presenting finished project number eight: Dishie in Ohio. I bought the softest cotton yarn while I was in the Midwest this summer visiting my family. I decided to use it for a set of Three Dishcloths. These are going to be baby soft face cloths for me. I have enough left over for at least one or two more cloths.


Drum roll please. Here is Liberated Orphan number nine, Jupiter Mitts. The pattern was Ballydesmond. Again, nothing wrong with the yarn or the pattern, but I haven’t knit on them since March. Sometimes, my love it or leave it attitude towards wips is a bit harsh, but I want to get my wips down to a reasonable number.

Here’s a group shot of September’s finished wips. It’s a combination of very old wips and not so old wips with a few gifts in there.


October is about 75 minutes away. What knitting adventures will I get up? I leave you with Burt in his kitty alcove.


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