The Calm Before the Storm

A smooth sail never made a skillful sailor.

The rainy season has officially begun in the Pacific Northwest. Last week, we flirted with the season change. We had a few rainy mornings, but the afternoons were sunny. I even managed to catch a double rainbow last week right as I started my work day. Tonight, we are expecting the first rain storm of the season to hit with high winds, flooding and possible power outages. We have our emergency supplies ready. Admittedly, it’s mostly alternative lightening so I can knit. If we do lose power, I plan to work on something bright and cheerful. Last month, I started an ankle version of Rye socks. These are my KC and the Sunshine Band socks made from Malabrigo Rios in Sunset. One can’t help but be happy with these adorning your feet.


Update on other wips:

  • Portland Bias Scarf: Skein three has 4.05 grams left.
  • Frank in Pairs & Dewberry Dancer: these are both hoping for a power outage so I work on them.

I think Ernie found a place to weather the storm.


Stay tuned for a whirl wind of finished projects during the last two weeks of October.

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