Missing Umbrellas

A mind is like an umbrella, only useful when open.

The snow has mostly melted. Now all that’s left are these chunks of snow that resemble icebergs. Part of me keeps waiting for the Titanic to sink in my front lawn. Soon even my lawn icebergs will be gone due to the tremendous amount of rain that fell today. Normally, I enjoy walking in the mist or a light rain, but downpour is how I would describe today’s precipitation. Of course, all of our umbrellas are off some place. I suspect they are all lounging on the beach chuckling at how wet I got today. To solve my missing umbrella problem I ordered this. I know this means one of two things, all my umbrellas will turn up or it will stop raining the day my new umbrella is delivered.

Update on Feb-blue-ary & other wips:

  • Blue Banana: Still nothing new on this one.
  • Malabrigo Diamonds: Two rows left on this one. I see a cast off in my future.
  • Frank in Paris: I’m eight rows away from the next Frank stripe.
  • Dewberry Dancer: 14 rows completed.


This is my absolute favorite photo of Burt. I was trying to take some knitting photos and he pushed his head in right as I snapped. I like to think this would be a Burt selfie.


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