Goodbye to Feb-Blue-ary

Always remember that every obstacle is a test and an opportunity.

This has been a rocky month both in my crafting and in my personal life. Yesterday, there was a very localized snow storm. My house had white-out conditions with around five more inches of snow making my commute home treacherous, one of my Feb-Blue-ary projects ran out of yarn in the last section and Ernie decided to hiss at everyone all day for no apparent reason. I was starting to think this month was going to be all love it or leave it projects. Turns out it has numerous dishcloths and the first Aviatrix hat of 2017. This one is using Malabrigo Arroyo in Borrajas. The last love it or leave project is my Curly Malabrigo Spaghetti Noodles. The yarn is Malabrigo sock in Natural. The pattern is pavonated. This was a hard choice. I still really love this pattern, but I want to get my wips down to a reasonable number.


How did I do with my knitting goals:

  1. Dishcloths: I’m all caught up! I have a few extra in my gift box.
  2. Christmas ornaments: No further on this one.
  3. Dewberry Dancer: I have two more rows to go in section three. Considering the rows are around 450 stitches, that’s not too bad.
  4. Feb-Blue-ary projects: I started the month with five and finished with three. Blue Banana is making slow, but steady progress. Frank in Paris might be finished in March just in time for it to warm up.


Yesterday, was sort of miserable. I’m really rather of glad this month is over. Here comes Malabrigo March!

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