Snow Flurries and Frogging

It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop. ~Confucius

We wanted to hike this weekend, but the British Hubby is still recuperating from his cold and we’ve had snow flurries again. This winter sure is persistent. It refuses to make way for Spring. I decided to frog a project and try a new bread recipe. Presenting my first liberated orphan wip for March. TDS 4.3.16 had been sitting there since July. One day I hope to give this pattern another try.


The new loaf was a banana whole wheat flax seed loaf. This is an interesting loaf. It’s not sweet like a quick bread, but it has a hint of cinnamon and ginger. I love it toast with some crunchy peanut butter.


Update on Feb-blue-ary & other wips:

  • Blue Banana: 14 rows completed in section three.
  • Frank in Paris: This is back on track. I have about 10 more rows to go.
  • Dewberry Dancer: I have about 470 stitches and five more border rows to knit. Still quite a bit of knitting left on this one.


Burt was so excited to wind more yarn!

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