Serendipitous Friday

Serendipity: a happy coincidence.

It’s Friday. Time to celebrate life. I’m celebrating happy coincidences. Today was one of those unexpectedly pleasant days in my working career. I was attending a work conference. Originally, I thought today would be a break from the normal routine and a chance to pick up some new skills. To my delight, one of my Mal Gals was also attending the same conference! Suddenly, I had a knitting buddy, a lunch buddy and bus buddy for the commute home. Short of becoming independently wealthy and being able to retire next week, this was a pretty spectacular work day for me.


Here’s our Malabrigo hanging out together at the conference. We were both knitting hats.


This is how Ernie spent today. Looks like we both had pretty amazing Fridays. How are you celebrating life this weekend?



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