Vernal Equinox

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

This has certainly been an odd year for winter weather here in the PNW. We’ve had more snow fall and cold temperatures than my Midwestern family. The Vernal Equinox was on Monday. It is officially lighter longer than it is darker if you reside in the Northern Hemisphere. You can find out some interesting facts here. As a knitter, I’m partial to the lamb photo.


Spring always seems like a new beginning. Time to start new projects and clear out old ones. (I know it seems like I’ve been starting more than finishing). It seemed like the perfect time to try a new project or two. The photo above is my first attempt at mittens. Malabrigo Bon Bons uses Rios in Niebla. It’s a Tin Can Knits pattern, Bon Bon Mittens. Naturally, when one has never knit mittens before one plans two mitten projects. The red cake is Malabrigo sock in Ravelry Red. It’s going to become Peace de Resistance Mittens with some Natural (once I purchase this).


Gracie has a new toy. She loves it so much she’s sleeping on it.

Ten days left this month. I have five more projects to finish. Can I manage one every two days or will it be a record number of Love it or Leave it projects this month?



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