Celebrating Life: Saturday Edition

Life is what you celebrate. All of it. Even it’s end. ~ Joanne Harris

This week has been incredibly long. We’re still fighting the never ending cold virus. It seems especially important to celebrate surviving another work week. To celebrate this week, I have another finished Malabrigo March. Here’s my Road Less Traveled hat. I made this more of a beanie.


I also meet up with some Mal Gals this morning for breakfast and yarn shopping. I wasn’t planning to buy the same color palette, but that’s what happened. Below is Malabrigo in Twist, Rorspatz & Wollmeise (this is my very first Wollmeise) and Tell Tale Yarn a sea shanty gradient kit in tidal twinkle. No plans for any of it really. It just all needed to come live with me.


I’m ending the day with some Green Apple cider, pizza and a movie with the British Hubby and my three favorite fur balls.


Ernie,”Where did he come from?” Burt, “I am the god of boxes. Vacate now!”

Four projects down. Four more to go!

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