Malabrigo March Comes to a Close

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be. ~Douglas Adams

Another Malabrigo March has come to a close. If you remember back on March 1, I posted a group photo and listed out my projects. I managed to sneak in another group photo today, in between rain showers. Below, you can see how much progress I made. One intended project, spiral euphoria cowl, had a mishap on Friday and didn’t get cast on during March. I managed three finished projects this month. I’m pretty positive that’s the most projects I’ve completed in the same month I’ve cast them on so far. Trying to work down my wips, helped keep my cast on fever in check.


Naturally, I added a few projects as the month went on.  The extra projects are on the bottom row. No doubt, you will see more of them as April progresses.

Left to Right the new additions are:

  1. Turn a Square
  2. Resist Hat
  3. Peace de Resistance Mittens
  4. Triumph Cable Scarf

This weekend, I tried a new bread recipe, Black Forest. It has chocolate chips, dried cherries and a smidge of brandy (you really can’t taste this). The British Hubby thought it needed icing, but I like it without. It is yummy with some cream cheese and a cup of tea.


Burt was sleeping so soundly today he was snoring. Kitty snores are so cute.


Last month, I cast on 13 new projects. Three are finished and 10 are in progress. I would love to have all 10 finished in the next 11 months. Let’s see how many I can finish this month.




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