May’s First Liberated Orphans

Strength and growth come only through continous effort and struggle. ~ Napoleon Hill

My knitting time has been scares these past few weeks. Granted this is just a finished hat, but it feels like a huge accomplishment. I did have to chuckle as it’s no longer hat weather in the PNW, and I might already be at hat saturation, but everyone needs a Finito hat. It’s like wearing kitten belly fluff on your head. This is my first Purpura project and my first finished project of May!

Here’s a finished photo of my Dewberry Entrapment using Finito Natural and Dewberry. This was a delight to knit. It’s also a great way to use up scraps. I highly recommend this pattern. Did you check out the amazing rhubarb in the background? My neighbor said I could have some this weekend. Yummy!


Here’s Burt’s imitation of Superman!

One project down and seven more to go!

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