Spring Cleaning

Embrace Change.

It’s been a long week and a rather short weekend here. It’s finally started to get nice here in the PNW. This means good hiking weather. The British Hubby and I sort of fell off the wagon on our 52 hike challenge. Slowly our healthy diets and workout routines also went out the window. This weekend we decided to clean out our fridge and pantry to start a healthier low carb lifestyle. Dear reader, this means no more fresh bread in the near future, but this will make us healthier for summer time hiking and our summer vacation adventures.


I managed a little bit of knitting this weekend. I’m almost to the decreases my Dewberry Entrapment. I think I’m going to have my first finished wip of May very soon!


Ernie has been rather chilly the past few days. He’s very upset the heat has been turned off without his input.

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