Weekend Forecast: Sunny

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. ~ Victor Hugo

We’ve had record breaking rainfall in the PNW this year so it’s exciting to see sun forecasted this weekend. The British Hubby and I are celebrating life with iced tea and rhubarb compote. Rhubarb is traditionally thought of as fruit, but it is actually all veggie. Cooked with a little bit of water on low, it becomes a chunky sauce. When you add a splash of cream, it’s a fantastic no sugar and no carb treat!

This week my new cold brew iced tea filter, Hario, arrived. Since it’s finally warming up, I thought this was the perfect celebrate life drink. It’s incredibly easy to use. Add tea to the glass container, fill it with water, put the top on and six hours later you have fantastic iced tea. I love making my own iced tea so I can choose the flavors from my own tea selection (you know it’s rather extensive).

Malabrigo March Update: I’ve been making slow and steady progress on Malabrigo Love of My Life Shawl Edition. Section A was a bit slow going with over 100 garter rows. It didn’t get interesting until I started doing short rows. I’ve finally reached section B and the second color! I think section B will go a bit faster.


Burt thinks hot pink looks good on him! Or maybe it makes a good pillow.


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