Outdoor Adventure

The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by the mountain, he is inspired by it. ~ William Arthur Ward

2017 is the year of outdoor adventure! The British Hubby and I vowed to hike 52 hikes this year. We are off track slightly for that goal, but getting into mother nature more is the ultimate goal. Hike number 10 (it’s also day 10 of no sugar & no carbs) was a completely new hike for the British Hubby and I. Our original plan was a relatively flat four mile hike, but we ended up on the wrong trail. Instead, we were sharing a path with mountain bikers for most of our six mile trek.


Once we were off the main mountain bike trail, this was our view. It was accompanied by a babbling brook and waterfall.


We had a close encounter with a gigantic slug. We thought about hiding off the road while the slug passed, but we managed to slink by him on the outskirts of the trail.


This vertical drop was for ultra experienced bikers! We didn’t seen any adventurous bikers attempt this route while we were close by.

No action shots of finished knitted items on this hike (it’s already too warm!)


Back at the ranch, Ernie was rolling around with his pizza cat nip toy. How cheecky of him to remind us of carbs!

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