2021: The Year of Opportunities, Possibilities and Listening

Failure is the first page of the book of wisdom. Success the last.

2020 was going to be a year for the history books just based on it’s date alone. None of us were alive during the year 1010, and I don’t think many of us will see the calendar year 3030. Somehow my gut says those were and will be pivotal years in human history. A new year, means a new theme. Several years ago, the British Hubby and I decided to have themes for the year instead of New Year’s resolutions. We’ve had the year of no faffing. (That was one of my personal favorites that we still refer to years later.) The year of no backseat cooking, the year of outdoor adventure, the year of the tart, and the year of intrigue, conspiracy and world domination. All great themes that we enjoyed.

While we have no idea exactly how 2021 will unfold, not all the forced changes from 2020 were bad ones. Let’s be honest, I never dreamed I would primarily be working from home 43 out of 54 weeks in 2020. Sometimes one has to clean out and make space for new possibilities and opportunities. This year we are opening ourselves to the unknown and to truly listen to the world around us. Change doesn’t have to be scary. If you listen closely, you can hear it snowing gently in the video above. This was right before Christmas.

May you find peace to the start of your 2021.

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