Completed Wip III

Never let a stumble be the end of your journey. 

It’s the end of May. That means I should have eight completed or frogged wips. Well, I have three. This month my knitting time was scarce. I had a quick look in the wip bins, but I really want to finish most of those projects. I was tempted to cast on four new projects, but I kept myself in check with just one. I’m calling that a win.


You’ve seen the first two completed wips. The third is my very first hat out of sock yarn, and it’s reversible! Eggplant constellation looks fantastic on both sides. Normally, I think hats are a fairly quick knit, but not so much when one uses fingering weight. I think the effort was worth it. I’m excited this is my eighth completed Malabrigo March project this year leaving just six more to finish.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of Multi May. I cast on a lace shawl in Arco Iris. Below is a progress photo of my Spring Sunrise Shawl. The pattern, stormy sky shawl, is free! It’s not too complicated for late night knitting. I love the tassels on this pattern, but I some how see myself being attacked by the kitties if I add them.


Over the weekend, Ernie modeled a hat.


Let’s see if I can hit eight completed projects in June!

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