Purple Rain

Purple enhances creativity, clears the mind and calms stress.

It’s not much of a surprise, purple is my favorite color (especially if you’ve been following my blog for a bit). It has been since I was five. Naturally, I’ve always wanted to see it raining purple rain. I guess I’ll have to settle for listening to the Prince song. Or maybe I’ll just keep working away on my Purpura wips.


  • Meandering Lace Shawl: I just started section four. You can’t see it in this photo, but it’s there.
  • African Violet Shawl: The rows are taking longer and longer. This week I managed to finish the third garter section and the next two row stripe. 300 stitches here I come!

Its the weekend again. We’re celebrating life with iced tea, bacon cheeseburgers and a lovely salad. Yum! It’s day 22 of no carbs and no sugar. My extra padding is slowly, but surely coming off.


Gracie is trying to decide if there’s any bacon cheese burger for her.


How are you celebrating life this weekend?


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