The End of June Gloom

Clouds came floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~ Rabindranath Tagore

A heatwave hit the PNW this weekend along with heat advisories and triple digit temperatures. I think today’s peak was 102 or 38.9 in Celsius. My Hario cold brew tea bottle along with our ice maker is getting a workout. It’s also grilling weather. Keeping our unair conditioned house cool is a challenge during the heatwaves. Turning on the stove or oven is just unthinkable. Cheeseburgers or turkey burgers are one of my favorite items to grill out. Below is my new favorite summer time meal, cheese burger salad. It’s all my favorites (including mom’s homemade pickles) in an all veggie no carb meal. Yum!


Since the overcast mornings are coming to a close, I thought it was a good idea to post another progress photo on my April Showers Shawl. A few rows back, I managed to get off by a stitch. The diagonal lace pattern now has a jog in it for a few rows. While I could rip back to fix it, I decided to keep it as a design element. It reminds me that sometimes life throws us little hiccups along the way. Below is a close up photo of my mistake. (It actually looks like this might have happened about half way done as well.) Once, the shawl is finished, I’m not exactly sure the mistake will be that noticeable. I know there are many knitters out there this mistake would drive them nuts, and they would have to go back to fix it. We all have to be true to the type of knitter we are. I sort of like the way the yarn overs look a bit like a wave instead of straight diagonal.


Poor Ernie, can’t seem to get cool. Here he is attempting to sleep in front of the fan. (Wow,  does that rug need a vacuum. Too bad, it’s too hot for such labor intensive activities.)


Stay tuned for cooler temperatures and maybe even a completed project!

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