The First Ride

I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me. ~ Walt Whitman

Today, the British Hubby and I took our first ride together on the Ural (we’ve named him Ulysses). Traveling on a sidecar is exhilarating, engaging and just plain fun! My face muscles actually hurt from grinning and laughing. Did I mention it’s a workout too? Two wheeled bikes use gravity in turns to assist maneuvering. Ulysses doesn’t operate quite the same. Driver and passenger must use their body weight to help corner. We found an empty parking lot to practice our choreographed leaning and start my first lessons on clutch control with my left hand. Since the States drive on the right hand side of the road, I’m used to shifting with my right hand. On Ulysses, the clutch is on the left handle bar. I managed to get a few action shots while the British Hubby rode sole.

I’ve made steady progress on one of my Color-Along Wips, African Violet Shawl. I’m on border chart number six. I really love how the lace charts make a ripple effect on the garter sections.


Ernie longs to be out in the wild. Last time he was out, he sat under the bush where he sees our yard bunnies, Steve and Stevette. I think he was waiting for them to come to him like how I toss his toys at him.


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