Celebrating Life: Jaws Edition

Amity as you know, means friendship. ~ Jaws

Today is July 4, Independence Day in the States. The British Hubby and I were fortunate to have a really long holiday weekend together. Perfect for practicing on Ulysses and wearing our Jaws paraphernalia. It was supposed to be a warm weekend, but marine layer has kept it delightfully in the lower 70’s making the mornings and evenings slightly chilly. No problem when you have an Amity swimming club hoodie and neat mugs for tea.


Last year, I found some Jaws fabric. Naturally, I decided we needed themed pillowcases. When I ordered the fabric I had forgotten when the pattern goes vertical, I need to order an extra yard of fabric. So for now there’s just one pillowcase while we wait for more fabric to arrive. Next year, we’ll be ready.


Next year, we’ll also have Jaws socks! Remember these? I’m not sure exactly why I stopped knitting on my Shark Bait Socks. Last week, I stumbled upon Shark Bite II. Of course, I immediately bought the yarn and the stitch markers and the pattern! The KAL starts on July 23. I know what you’re thinking, “This crazy lady is starting a KAL during the first stage of TDS?” I’m a sucker for a good KAL, and this pair is for the British Hubby. I know TDS starts in just 10 days 13 hours and about 04 minutes. Sometimes one just has to embrace the crazy.



Burt and Ernie thought the lounge was too scary during the Jaws movie marathon. They were safely snuggling upstairs.


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