The Mist

I like people that smile when it’s raining.

This morning I woke up to overcast skies. The weather forecast predicted cooler temps, but it was almost chilly. When I walked outside, I was pleasantly surprised by mist. Yes, mist. Summers in the PNW typically don’t see much or any precipitation. Your grass turns brown and it’s crunchy (don’t worry it comes back). When it’s sunny for what feels like a million days in a row, one starts to miss the rain. Realistically, I know it’s probably only been sunny for maybe 20 or 30 days. If you like living in the PNW, then you come to appreciate the rain in it’s various forms. Misty mornings are my favorite. I was very tempted to call in “sick” to the day job so I could enjoy this summer anomaly. Clearly today is an indication that Winter is indeed coming, and I need more knitting time.


Which brings me to my second completed wip for July! I have another completed pair of socks. Here’s my TDS 4.4.16. Some knitters can knit a pair in 10 hours. Me it takes about a year. Speaking of TDS, there are now about 560 completed pairs of stage one. Stage two started on Tuesday. Before I decided to cast on or not, there were already about 10 finished pairs of Kanteletar. It’s an interesting design. One year, I’ll realize I should always have white, brown and black sock yarn on hand for this competition.


I am making progress on a few other socks I’m working on. Twisted Lumberjacks and British Tea Latte are both past the heel. I’m cautiously optimistic that I can finish these still in July. The British Tea Latte pair is at the beginning of the gusset decreases. There’s still quite a bit of knitting left on this sock so I’m not quite sure if I’ll finish it before July.


Life is Puuuurrrrrrfect!

There’s less than a week left in July. Can I finish a few more wips this month?

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