Off Roading

Follow no path. Make your own.

The past few weeks, we’ve been doing shorter journeys to practice maneuvers and get comfortable with Ulysses. This weekend, we wanted to get an idea of what a longer road trip would feel like. We plan to avoid freeways when possible, but that won’t always be an option.  Yesterday, we got in some practice on the bustling freeway. We even managed to pass a semi or two. Then the real fun began. We followed a forest service road that hugged a river for a bit before we located a gravel/dirt road that’s only open during the summer months. Here’s the view from the trail:


We crossed over steel plates and grating. (This made us both giggle.)


There were many bumps.


We entered the National Forest.


And Ulysses officially has trail dirt!

I even had a chance to knit while we took a break on our tartan picnic mat.


If only the weekends were longer! Maybe next weekend we’ll take the kitties.


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