Celebrating Socks

It’s going to be a knock your socks off thing. ~ Brandon Reintjes

It’s the weekend! Today is another scorcher.  It’s 94 degrees here (that’s 34.4 in Celsius). The British Hubby is on his way home from an unexpected business trip. The kitties and I are celebrating life here with iced tea and socks!


First, let’s give a big shout out to the first completed Wip of August! It is much too warm for these thick bed socks, but you know Winter is coming. Next time I make this pattern with thicker yarn, I need to go down one size on the pattern. These turned out a smidge big.

Next, there’s a few progress photos of the socks I’ve been working on.

  • British Tea Latte: Still working on the foot of sock two.
  • Shark Bait II: Working on the foot for sock one. I’m a little worried these might be a smidge big.
  • TDS 5.2.17: This is the second stage sock for Tour De Sock. Stage two ended today and stage three has begun. There are about 450 completed pairs of the stage two pattern. I’m on the leg of stage one.
  • Junkie U Socks: The Malabrigo Junkies group is doing “classes” to help folks learn new skills. I’m practicing my intarsia in the round with the free pattern, villiviini. I just finished the cuff.


Burt’s tells me it’s cooler closer to the ground. Too bad he’s on the upper level of the house. I’m not exactly sure he understands heat rises.

I hope your weekend is off to a good start.

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