Stage Four Begins

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself. That and running out of yarn. ~ Crochet Magazine

Stage four of Tour de Sock began late Monday night. I’m yet to cast on or even wind my yarn and there are already about 100 finished pairs. Well, I did say I wasn’t competing. Good thing since I haven’t finished stage two yet. The new pattern is called Mosaic Marbles. I’m leaning towards the black and darker teal balls on the bottom middle. Or maybe the silver and teal?


Last week, I had an abundance of knitting time while visiting my family in the Midwest. I managed to finish another pair of socks. That makes two completed pairs this month. Both pairs are for the British Hubby. Here’s my completed British Tea Latte socks. I love how well these match. I could take the credit, but the yarn did all the work. This pattern was a delight to knit. Easy enough to not need a pattern while traveling or watching a movie while still keeping my interest with the stripes. This was also my first time using a Zauberball for socks. It was delightful. I will be purchasing more in the future. This pattern is destined to be a staple in our sock drawers.


This month our meowbox was campfire themed.


Gracie was excited about the s’mores. Can you blamer her?


Ernie was excited about the box. He tries to get inside every month. Maybe next month he’ll fit.


Two projects completed this month. Casting on a new pair of socks seems the appropriate way to celebrate, right?

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