Mal Gals Unite!

I’m a yarnaholic on the road to recovery. Just kidding. I’m on the road to the yarn store!

I am very fortunate to live close to several Malabrigo Junkies. We try to meet up a few times a year (at least once every Malabrigo March). This meet up we had a special Mal Gal from Utah join us for coffee and yarn shopping. I know you’re thinking I probably don’t need more yarn if I’m trying to finish wips, and I don’t really. But it seemed like yarn was the appropriate way to mark the special occasion of meeting Utah Mal Gal in person for the first time!


I purchased a few new to me brands and some old favorites. The two skeins on the bottom left are baa ram ewe’s Dovestone Natural Aran. This will be part of a new project coming in September with the Tidal yarn. I’m slowly massing a collection of sparkly sock yarn, and this brand is my favorite. Next, is a self-striping yarn that will look like watermelons. It’s Biscotte Yarns. Utah Mal Gal and I purchased matching skeins to do a Watermelon sock kal. Lastly, I picked up Malabrigo Sock in pearl, a newish colorway on this base. There wasn’t too much hesitation on purchasing this skein. Malabrigo March 2018 starts in just 192 days!


Here’s some very special stitch marks Utah Mal Gal made for us! I’m saving mine for the Watermelon kal.


Gracie says this was way too much excitement for her!

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