Totally Eclipsed by Socks

Don’t let anything or anyone block your sunshine.

The solar eclipse was on Monday. The closer one was to the path of totality, the more spectacular the show. It was pretty amazing in the PNW. I was one of the people that still needed to attend their day job, but we made an event of it. My day job bought everyone the approved glasses and we were able to work outside during the morning. It was fascinating to watch the moon move across the sun.


I wasn’t expecting the temperature to drop. Nor was I expecting moon shaped shadows. These are supposed to be leaves.

Earlier in the month, I had an impulse purchase of sock yarn to mark this solar eclipse. Some people buy t-shirts, I buy sock yarn. Blue Moon Fiber Arts had a special colorway, A Total Eclipse of the Sun. These are going to be really neat. If I hadn’t already wound my watermelon yarn (see photos further down), I would be casting on with this yarn right now!


Here’s  a group shot of my sock wips hanging out by my next door neighbor’s amazing flowerbed.


  • Shark Bait II: I started sock two!
  • TDS 5.2.17: I’m working on the heel for sock one. There are around 460 finished pairs of this sock.
  • Junkie U Socks: Once this sock got going, it was easy to get in a groove. I’m working on the foot for sock one.
  • TDS 5.4.17: Not much progress on this one and stage five is about to start. I’m still on the cuff. There are about 380 finished pairs of this pattern.


I think Ernie is trying to give me hints he wants a pair of socks. What color do you think would look best on him?

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