Seaside Celebrations

Life should not be lived, it should be celebrated!

This weekend, the British Hubby and I celebrated his name day.  Last May, we decided to go no carb and no sugar to kick start a new healthy life style in hopes to get in better shape and lose some extra weight. We’ve made fantastic progress over the past few months. We both at a healthier weight, and we’re running about five times a week. Naturally, we were slightly concerned when we decided to buy a tiny cheesecake, orange juice and Guinness. (Don’t worry. We didn’t have it all together.) The British Hubby thought it would be our gateway treats into carbs and processed food.

019I’m happy to report just the opposite. The cheesecake didn’t taste like real food and the OJ was so sweet I had to severely water it down to drink it. I’m still running, and I haven’t fallen off my no carbs no sugar wagon. However, I do miss the Guinness.

030As part of our weekend celebrations, we took a lovely ride to the Mukileto Light House. Here are some fun facts:

  • The current light house was built in 1906.
  • A 150 watt bulb can be seen up to 12 miles away with the Fresnel Lens.
  • In the 1970’s the lighthouse was automated.
  • The lighthouse has a unique signal with two seconds one followed by three seconds off.
  • The foghorn will automatically sound when it detects fog within a half mile of the lighthouse.


040.JPGIt was a good location to knit and have some tea (that’s right, there’s a real tea cup in there).

And watch the ferries.

028I really love a proper cuppa when we’re on the road.


Burt was eagerly awaiting our return.





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