Olympic Peninsula Adventure

Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit. ~ Edward Abbey

For many people in the States, this was a three day holiday weekend. The British Hubby and I decided to take advantage of the extra long weekend with our first overnight adventure on Ulysses. We took our first ferry rides. Unknown to us, motorcycles get to skip the ques to board the ferry and pay a fraction of the price. It sort of felt like we were royalty.


We had amazing scenic drives on highway 101.

We found numerous great view points to stop for photos or enjoy a cup of tea while chatting with some locals.029

We also found a lovely yarn store in Sequim called Local Yarn Store. You can see the purple and teal sock yarn poking out of the bag.044.JPG

The yarn is Araucania. I had never seen this brand before so I thought it would make a great souvenir along with some calcified sea shells we found on the beach of Fort Flagler. Check out the coloring on the bottom shell. It  grabbed our attention.  026Day one was amazing! 024Even Ulysses loves the beach!027Next up, the unique place we stayed. Burt & Ernie are going to wish they had come along too. 009.JPG

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