Olympic Peninsula Adventure: Part 2

And so the adventure begins.

Recently, I found an article on unique places to stay in the PNW. In it I discovered the Red Caboose Getaway. It seemed like a perfect choice for our overnight trip. We stayed in the Grape Escape caboose. I love how the outside even has a kitty. IMG_20170903_1641125

I started my Watermelon socks for this trip. They’re hanging out on the caboose entryway. We won’t talk about how I should have been working on the numerous sock wips I started the past two months. Sometimes one just needs a plain sock pattern for traveling.

The inside featured a working fireplace (although it was too warm to use it), a small lounge area that was big enough for our Buffy board game and a copper tub.


The four course breakfast was served in the dinning car. 035

We did cave a little for homemade bread.

Fortunately, one meal with sugar and carbs didn’t do too much damage.

I think Gracie was trying to take selfies while we were gone. Perhaps she was trying to tell us to bring home fresh seafood?

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