Crafting Homework

Expect nothing. Appreciate everything.

Several years ago, I casually mentioned I wanted to learn to weave to the British Hubby (I think it was two cross-country moves ago). Naturally, this prompted him to buy me a loom so I could start a new fiber craft. The British Hubby is amazingly supportive of my fiber pursuits. Fast forward several years, we’ve changed states more than once, and I started working a somewhat demanding day job while the loom sat there looking forlorn. One day I brought home a class list from my lys, and this prompted the British Hubby to surprise me with weaving classes for my birthday. (September is my birthday month.)IMG_20170902_1514382

You may remember I bought natural and sparkly yarn in August for an upcoming project. It was Dovestone Natural Aran from baa ram ewe and Tell Tale Yarn in Tidal Twinkle. Last week, I started my first weaving project, Woven Scarf I. We arrived with our looms around warped so we could learn the basics of actually weaving. I left the class with homework. I needed to have my project ready to be bound off. (Okay, I’m pretty sure that’s the wrong term, but I don’t know the proper weaving term.)1976002392261693130-account_id=1

I’ve been slowly making progress on my scarf this week. Okay, not really that slowly since I would never be able to knit an aran weight scarf in a week. Notice how Ernie is acting nonchalant in the photo? He is completely intrigued/enamored by the loom. I suspect he’s really trying to scope it out as a new sleep spot possibility. 006.JPG

I’ve been so busy I forgot to post about a new recipe I tried. We had an asparagus, pepper and goat cheese frittata. I love anything with asparagus. The British Hubby thought it would have been better with toast, but he’s British. He thinks every meal would be better with toast. 008.JPG

I’m off to celebrate the weekend with my new favorite tea, tiger eye, from adagio teas and finish weaving my scarf. It has caramel flavor, cocoa nibs, vanilla flavor and chocolate flavor. It’s almost like drinking a piece of chocolate caramel cake. Yum!

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