Not all who wonder are lost. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Sunday rides have become part of our weekend ritual. Our scenic route was plotted with a picnic destination in mind. We were were enjoying the twists and turns so much that we missed a few roads signs and became somewhat lost. I suspect our directions from Google maps and the actual road signs didn’t match, but that happens sometimes. We had a lovely ride just the same even though we didn’t reach our planned destination. Including a teenage boy who drive around the block to stop and chat about motorcycle engines. 021

Here’s a photo from last weekend’s adventure. I had my knitting and tea packed, but we didn’t have a photo opportunity.020

This weekend I did have a chance to finish a few items. I’m sure you can guess one item that had a soak today, but there’s a bonus second item. Stay tuned for a wip update this week. 015.JPG

This weekend it started to cool off slightly. This is the kitties all time favorite blanket.


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