My First Woven Item

A good life is like weaving. Energy is created in the tension. The struggle, the pull and tug are everything. ~ Joan Erikson

I am really excited to have my first completed wip for September be a woven scarf. Presenting Woven Scarf I. I had to push myself a little finish the project in one week, but it was completely possible. I could never knit a scarf this fast unless it was using super bulky yarn on size 19 needles. 003.JPG

Last weekend, I had the second basic weaving class. It was interesting to see how much my weaving improved from the beginning to the end of the scarf. We also learned how to warp. I have project number two, Woven Scarf II, on the loom. The warp yarn is from the very first proper yarn store the British Hubby and I found together when we first moved to Southern California. This yarn is so old we weren’t even married yet! It seemed appropriate that this scarf be for the British Hubby.

Since September is my birthday month, I wanted to let myself cast on a few new projects. I know it’s counter productive towards finishing my wips, but I have to splurge every so often. I’m currently thinking about Rickroll Wrap with the yarns shown below. Look at how versatile this garment is. Is it a wrap or a cowl or a poncho or a vest or my cape? It’s going to be my newest project. 033.JPG

All three kitties managed to sleep on the brown blankie. Aren’t they cute! 007.JPG

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