Weaving Mishap

A man’s errors are his portals of discovery. ~ James Joyce

Last week, I was working on my second weaving project, Woven Scarf II, when I had a mishap. While advancing my woven cloth, the tension on one strand became too much and it snapped! If I was new to fiber crafts, I would have been somewhat distraught and probably had a bit of a crafting meltdown. Since I’m a seasoned knitter that has fixed numerous mistakes, I knew there had to be a solution. And of course, there was one. I even found a youtube video. 001.JPGA broken warp thread couldn’t hold me back. Guess what’s having a soak. 016.JPGLast weekend, I tried two more recipes from The Complete Low Carb Cookbook. So far, the three recipes I’ve tried from this cookbook have been a success. This was my first time making any type of cheesecake carbs or no carbs. It was fantastic. With a cracked top, I’m not quite ready for the Great British Bake Off, but it tastes fantastic (even Burt thought so). Since the British Hubby and I have been carb free and sugar for several months, I was slightly worried we would find any dessert sickly sweet. We were both pleasantly surprised that was not the case. We have a new favorite dessert.

I also made the zucchini lasagna. The British Hubby felt it should have a stronger tomato flavor. I felt too much tomato would over all my beloved zucchini. Next time, I’ll make some minor adjustments that should make us both happy.

Poor Gracie was upset the vacuum was running. She tried out a few “safe” spots.

I see the first completed wip of October looming on the horizon.


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