Casting on Mania

Where there is great love there is always miracles. ~ Willa Cather

It’s no surprise casting on and starting new projects is my first love in knitting. That feeling when a pattern grabs your attention and your heart skips a beat. The excited anticipation full of possibilities. What color will it be? What weight? What yarn will I use? Will I keep it for myself or will I give it away? Maybe it will be part of a matching set?


“When did I become a prop for knitting?”

Last month was my birthday month, so I cast on a few new projects. I know you’re not surprised. What’s surprising is that I only cast on three new projects so far! I have my eye on four or five more patterns that are eagerly waiting for me to finish a few projects. Have I mentioned how much the day job interferes with my crafting? 005.JPG

New Wips:

  • Never Gonna Let You Go Wrap: The pattern is Rickroll. What made me fall in love with this pattern first was the stripes and second was the all the various ways I can wear this. I feel like saying, “But wait there’s more.”
  • Cashmere Three Color Hat: This kit was a holiday gift. One can never have too many hats.
  • Wonder Woman Wrap: I’ve never really thought of myself as a feminist, but this year I’ve increasingly felt the need to express that I am a strong intelligent female. Casting on this wrap was a necessity. 008.JPG

Wait until you see what I have planned for next month! Even more new projects.

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