Sunday Dinner

Do what makes your soul shine.

In Autumn and Winter, the British Hubby and I love having a proper Sunday dinner with roasted vegetables and pudding. I must say, I do miss the roasted garlic sweet potatoes I used to make. Since we’ve gone sugar free and carb free, I thought we would have to forego Sunday dinners. I recently discovered this chicken recipe, Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Stuffed with Herb Cream Cheese . It was so decadent. It seemed like we were having chicken with gravy and mashed potatoes. It was amazing!

Once a month we get to have a dessert. So I tried this flax fudge brownies. This was another great recipe from The Complete Low Carb Cookbook. It turned out to be a cross between chocolate cake and bread pudding. With a hint of cream, it’s also amazing. It’s hard to believe these recipes are both low carb and low sugar. Bring on the healthy eating. This week I hit my first weight loss goal. I’ve officially lost more than 10 kilos since we made the change to no carb and no sugar. The British Hubby is down almost 15 kilos.

Burt and I spent a good part of the afternoon winding yarn. I’m getting ready to cast on a few more projects. 006.JPG

I think Burt is trying to figure out how the loom works. Or maybe it’s a new sleep spot? 008.JPG

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