Central Heating

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.

Fire was the earliest method for providing heat. Fire places were not ideal ways to heat spaces since most of the heat escaped through the chimney. Ancient Greece invented central heating, but the Romans that mastered it with their tiled floors and elaborate duct work. The Romans actually had heated floors. Here’s a really interesting article on the historical development of heating. You may wonder why I’m talking about heating today. November first is a big day in our household. It’s the day we turn on the heat! Yes, it has been rather chilly the past month in the PNW. We’ve dressed in layers and even added more duvets to the bed and lounge area. Ernie’s claimed the newest blankie as his. 007.JPGThe start of a new month also means a recap on my finished wips. I managed to finish three projects, Woven Scarf II, Shark Bait II and a Wall Hanging. This month I have more completed weaving projects than knitting ones. With a little luck, I’ll have four finished projects in November. 005.JPGStay tuned for a few new projects coming up this month. You know I can’t resist a good KAL.



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