All Hallows Eve

Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker. 

American Halloween has spread to many other countries, but it started out as religious festival. Worshipers would prepare themselves for All Saints day which is November 1. If you’re in Mexico, November 1 is called Day of the Dead. You can find out more info here. Scroll down to find out about the Celtic festival Samhain. Samhain is Gaelic for “the end of summer.” There is no doubt summer has ended in the PNW. This morning it was 35 degrees Fahrenheit or 1.6 in Celsius. It’s so chilly I’ve been getting good use out of my fancy dress hats (That’s what the British Hubby calls them.) 001.JPGI’m no Chicken and Spooky Spidey Hat are two of my all time favorite hats. The British Hubby wears his spidey hat all year round. These hats put me in the Halloween spirit. Tonight I’m going curl up with some knitting, a cup of tea, a few kitties and watch my favorite Halloween shows. My top three favorites are It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Cat People and Them. What are your Halloween traditions? 004Of course, we have a new hat for the kitties this year! 006Ernie thinks sleuthing is a piece of cake or is that a piece of tuna? Stay tuned, tomorrow is All Saints Day, Day of the Dead and the celebration of turning on of the heat in our house. I might even manage to get a photo of Burt in his jaunty new hat.



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